Justin Childers

Hero & Nominee Coordinator



Born and raised in Orlando, Florida, Justin is a current Hazmat Paramedic Lieutenant with Osceola County Fire Rescue.  He is a second generation First Responder who started his career just out of high school when he joined the City of Saint Cloud Fire Rescue.   Justin followed the footsteps of his father in his career of serving and protecting our communities.  His dad retired as a Sergeant of the Orlando Police Department, who during his tenure also served in the K-9 unit and as a member of OPD's S.W.A.T team.

Justin was first introduced to Hook-A-Hero in March 2020.  Like many of our Hero First Responders, he has battled with heightened anxiety, constant nightmares and suicidal ideations for many years.  As he will openly share today, he seeked many variations of support unsuccessfully over the years and found himself at a very crucial point in his life.  Some may call it fate, or divine intervention, but just at that very important point in time, Justin was nominated as a Hero within Hook by a mutual friend.  All it took was that one so important trip, the trip where he formed unforgettable friendships and for the first time in years, a bonded support network within Hook.

Almost immediately following his first encounter with members of the Hook-A-Hero team, Justin joined the Board.  Through his journey with Hook, and his continued services, he has once again found his passion and value for life, his family and his purpose.  He is heavily involved with the outreach and mental support for Hook's Heros, just like himself.  Justin has made enormous strides in his battles and his Hook family could not be more proud.  We know the struggle is real for him, as it is for so many others.  Justin's journey is the heart and soul of our organization.